Utility 1

A 2012 Ford 350 Crew Cab with an 8-foot bed and storage boxes. Used for hauling gear, tools, and life-saving equipment. Also equipped with a hitch for towing the department's rescue boat and utility vehicle.

Tanker 2

A 2005 Firovac 3600 gallon vacuum pump tanker on a Sterling Chassis. Because Tremont does not have a municipal water service, water for fighting fires must be moved from a water source, such as a pond, to a fire site. Tanker 2 forms the backbone of shuttling water due to its quick filling and large capacity. 

Engine 3 

A 2012 E-One 300 gallon Class A mini-pumper with a 1250 gallon/minute pump and a CAFS (Compute Assisted Foam System) on a Ford F550 Chassis. Being largely rural and forested, some structures in Tremont are accessed via long and narrow roads and driveways. Given its small size, Engine 3 can reach structures that would be difficult for larger vehicles. It has a 1250 gallon/minute pump and is equipped with a compute assisted foam delivery system, making it a capable forward attack pumper. 

Engine 4 

A 2012 E-One rescue style top-mount 1100 gallon Class A pumper/tanker with a 1500 gallon/minute pump and a CAFS on an International Dura-Star Chassis. As it is the most capable pumper in the department's fleet, Engine 4 is usually first-on-scene for fire incidents.

Engine 5 

A 2020 Freightliner all-wheel-drive wildland/urban interface tanker/pumper equipped with a 2000 gallon tank, pump and roll capability with a cab-controlled bumper turret, and a 15,000 lb. winch. It is designed to travel over rough terrain, making it well-suited for accessing wildfires away from paved roads, including the unpaved sections of town roads like Cape and Seal Cove.

Engine 6 

A 1996 Central States, top-mount 1250 gallon Class A pumper with a 1250 gallon/minute pump that has foam capability on an International Chassis. Although Engine 6 is the elder of the fleet, its big pump and tank still makes it a useful member of a water-supply chain.

Rescue Boat 

A 14 foot Polar Craft with Honda 15 hp outboard and equipment for water and ice rescue.  Given that Tremont is surrounded by water and contains portions of three large lakes, emergencies on the water are not unusual. 

Wild 1

A 2016 Kubota RTV X1140 fitted with a 50 gallon tank and portable pump. Due to its narrow profile and low gearing, Wild 1 goes where the department's other vehicles can't, extending the department's capabilities to fighting wildland fires.